Friday, January 19, 2007

SpamOrHam shut down

Today I shut down SpamOrHam after a total of 357,380 messages were examined by volunteers around the world in 9 months. (If this is the first time you are hearing about SpamOrHam then read this).

At the same time, I'm happy to annouce that the associated competition was won by Alan Wylie in the UK. He clicked through 456 messages in a row without once disagreeing with the corpus gold standard classification. His prize is on its way to him today.

As promised I'm happy to make the data associated with SpamOrHam public. If you would like to get the details of all 357,380 classifications and how they match up to the TREC 2005 data please email me and I'll point you to the download location.

Finally, thanks to everyone who participated in SpamOrHam. I look forward to being able to report on the results of the experiment at a later date, and anyone who wishes to do their own analysis can simply ask for the raw data by email.



Blogger Justin Mason said...

I'd be interested -- I think ;)

Will these be messages used in future TREC evaluations? is it permissible to use them in SpamAssassin training?

2:28 PM  

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