Friday, January 19, 2007

Time for a little encryption of my email

Out of the blue I received a PGP (actually GnuPG) encrypted email using the public key listed on my home page. That key had laid unused for 2 years, and when I went to get the private key off the USB key it was stored on I had a problem. The USB key was unreadable along with the message. All this lead me back to finally doing something about using GnuPG for my mail.

Since I use Thunderbird it turned out to be simple. I created a new key using GnuPG, downloaded the Enigmail extension and changed one configuration item: I set up signing of all messages by default.

So from today the key with ID 0xBDE7FE10 is valid for my main email address. You can download it from the link above or any well-known public key server.



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