Wednesday, February 07, 2007

SocksFox rocks

It's not often that I post a personal experience on this blog (it's usually a bunch of dry stuff about anti-spam or GNU Make), but today's an exception.

I had a great on line shopping experience with a UK-based company called SocksFox.

I wanted to buy some of these Falke socks for padding around at home in. Since I work at home I spend almost all my time shoeless, and regular socks were getting a little chilly during the winter months.

Unable to find a retailer where I live, I went on line and found SocksFox. What a great experience! Here's the chronology in French time.

Day 1

1300 I place order on the SocksFox web site using PayPal. Not only do they accept credit cards, but you can pay by PayPal. That's great for small purchases since PayPal does not charge lots of money for different currency orders.

1303 Receive PayPal receipt for payment to SocksFox.

1304 Receive email from SocksFox acknowledging order

1458 Receive email from SocksFox indicating that the socks have been dispatched by regular mail from the UK.

Day 2

1100 Receive socks

Clearly, some thanks needs to go to the French and British postal services, but just look at the speed of that. In 22 hours I'd gone from order to delivery including the transportation of the socks from the UK to the South of France.

Thanks, SocksFox!



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