Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some statistics about usage

A regular user of my service wrote in to ask if I had any statistics about its use. I didn't until I grep/cut/wced a few log files, and now I do. Since its inception:

Unique URLs monitored2,256
Unique email addresses (i.e. # of users)586
URLs that were still down after a week of monitoring205
# of URLs monitored by the most active user763
# of rules used to identify non-working sites67
Total ad revenue$13.37 now uses 67 separate rules to determine whether a site is available or not. That number is growing as is improved. The more users the better it gets.

It's interesting to look at the distribution of 'dead times' (how long a site remained dead from it being reported to for monitoring and then actually being available.

The big initial bar are people who get a response in under 10 minutes; many of those people are no doubt kicking the tires to see if works at all! Once you pass 10 minutes you can see that the average web site comes back on line after 1h45m.



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