Friday, September 07, 2007

Wildfire has launched

I wrote the other day about what I saw as the problems with social news web sites and my proposed alternative. That alternative, the Facebook application called Wildfire has now launched.

Based on feedback from users a couple of changes have been made:

1. The standard page you see is a random selection of stories, you can pick any of these and forward them to your friends and display them in your profile.

2. Wildfire will now pull down RSS feeds you specify and build your "My Fires" list so that you can choose to forward some or all of the stories from RSS. RSS feeds are pulled down twice a day.




Blogger fanf said...

How do you make Wildfire appear on your profile?

4:58 PM  
Blogger John Graham-Cumming said...

You need to install Wildfire in your Facebook. It's in the application directory.


5:09 PM  
Blogger fanf said...

It wasn't offering me the option to add it before, but it worked today. *shrug*

It now seems confused about whether I have "started any fires" - I have a feed configured but I have not added any links manually. The "my fires" page shows the links from the feed but the wildfire panel on my profile page says I haven't added any links.

3:31 PM  
Blogger John Graham-Cumming said...

Now that your feeds are downloaded you can go to the My Fires page and spread them to your friends.


3:42 PM  
Blogger fanf said...

Ah I see - I thought it would spread URLs from feeds automatically. Can you add an option to make it do that?

4:43 PM  

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