Monday, October 15, 2007

SOC Update and Google Maps integration

After receiving some feedback on my Simple code for entering latitudes and longitudes I've made a couple of changes:

1. Replace the letter V with the symbol @ in the alphabet to remove confusion between U and V. Implementations should automatically map V to U if entered.

2. Changed the checksum to the following calculation:

C = p0 + p1 * 2 + p2 * 3 + p3 * 4 + p4 * 5 + p5 * 6 + p6 * 7 + p7 * 8 + p8 * 9 mod 29

To make it a bit easier to visualize here's an integration of SOC with Google Maps. You can either type in an address to navigate to that address and see the SOC, or type in a SOC to navigate to that location.

Enter address to find:

Or, enter a SOC:


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