Friday, November 30, 2007

Windows just likes to mess with me

I don't use Windows very much, but when I do my trusty Windows 2000 SP4 VM comes in handy (I guess now that Vista is out I should upgrade to XP). This morning I installed a big chunk of Windows updates that needed dealing with and Windows said:

Just why is the Restart Now button greyed? :-)



Blogger Jim said...

Windows likes rebooting. The default behavior on windows XP SP2 is to install updates once a week. Most of these -- especially the malware removal tool -- force a reboot.

If this happens live, you'll see a "[Reboot now] [Reboot later]" dialog, where "later" == five minutes until it asks you again. After a while, it will count down to rebooting. I have had a few problems with this:

1) lost work. If I forget and leave any documents open on Tuesday, the patches apply and reboot, losing any changes not already "auto-saved." [I found the option to *not* do reboots.]

2) my machine boots into linux because the /boot/grub/menu.lst was set up that way. No remote desktop for me!

One of the few improvements offered in Vista is an option to remind you in several hours.

3:02 AM  
Blogger Simen said...

jim: You can change this in Windows XP:

(Google for “group policy windows update”)

10:20 PM  

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