Friday, December 05, 2008

Help save Bletchley Park: donate a power of 2

Bletchley Park in the UK needs money to keep operating. For any self-respecting geek there are a few places of pilgrimage in the world, and Bletchley is near the top of the list.

Not only did code breakers crack Enigma and other codes during the Second World War at Bletchley, but it was where much early computing work was done by great scientists including the man: Alan Turing.

Bletchley accepts donations on their web site via PayPal or credit cards. If you want to help may I suggest taking a look at your finances and donating a power of 2?

I just logged into my PayPal and donated the maximum I could afford: 28.

See if you can donate $1, $2, $4, $8, or more. And pass on the link to this blog posting to get the 'A Power of 2 for Bletchley' meme going.



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