Friday, December 12, 2008

POPFile v1.1.0 Released

There's a new POPFile out (v1.1.0) and I had almost nothing to do with it. This is the first release where the new (global) POPFile Core Team did all the work. Thanks Brian in the UK, Joseph in the US, Manni in Germany and Naoki in Japan. A truly global effort.

As part of the v1.1.0 release POPFile has moved from SourceForge to its own server and has a totally new web site.

v1.1.0 also includes some great new features: it is the first to use a
SQLite 3.x database and it is the first to offer a Mac OS X installer in addition
to the usual cross-platform and Windows installer versions.

And there are a raft of bug fixes as well which you can read about in the release notes.



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