Friday, January 16, 2009

The 2009 Spam Conference at MIT

For reasons unknown to me the Spam Conference in MIT for 2009 is happening but is not being advertised on the usual URL. If you are interested in attending then you need to hunt down the page

There you'll find that the conference is taking place March 26-27, 2009 at MIT and you'll also find the Call for Papers. The submission deadline is March 9, 2009 and the topics being accepted are:
  • phishing, spyware
  • spit (spam over internet telephony)
  • spim (spam over instant messenger)
  • SMS spam
  • MMORPG spam
  • blog spam
  • trackback spam
  • image spam
  • stock pump-and-dumps
  • email con games
  • exploit marketing
  • identity theft
  • zombie bots and bot armies
  • antispam systems
  • hardware antispam countermeasures
  • software antispam countermeasures
  • wetware (a.k.a., liveware, meatware, i.e., user errors)
  • blue-ware (i.e. employing the police).


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