Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alan Turing petition nears 5,000 signatories

My Alan Turing petition has rocked past the 500 signatures I thought I might get to reach almost 5,000. At the rate people are signing I'd expect 5,000 to be reached either today or tomorrow.

The campaign has got quite a bit of media coverage. Here's a round up:


Daily Telegraph: Britain should apologize for the shameful way it treated Alan Turing.

The Independent: The Turing Engima: Campaigners demand pardon for mathematics genius and Dawkins calls for apology for Turing.

Manchester Evening News: Campaign to win an official apology for Alan Turing and Gay backing for Turing apology.

Belfast Telegraph: Prosecuted for being gay: campaigners demand pardon for genius Alan Turing and Dawkins calls for official apology for Alan Turing.


PRI/BBC World Service: Apology campaign for British Nazi code breaker.

BBC Radio Ulster: Sunday Sequence.


Channel 4 News: Pardon for Enigma codebreaker, Alan Turing?

Note to gay readers: I've deliberately excluded the specialist gay news outlets from that list so that people realize that this is not simply a gay issue. Please don't think I'm ignoring you and your great coverage!

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Blogger GrooveAmanda said...

Dear John,

Thank you for bringing this story to light. This story is so emotive.

Hopefully the government will set a new presedent and give the pardon even though there is no surviving family. The pardon would also be symbolic that the gorvernment no longer approve of such mistreatings to out new LGBT comunity. Normally a pardon is given for the sake of a family. This time is it required for the sake of a "minority" that is not bonded by blood, colour or faith. But a "minority" that is present in every family, every race and most likely every church... This is for recognistion of a comunity.

Good luck John. The Kinighthood really would be amazing.

Thanks - Amanda Binggeli

11:32 AM  
Blogger Ralph said...

How may I sign the petition remotely as a great admirer of Alan Turing?

Turing was quite simply brilliant and served his country so incredibly well.

Fortunately, all the LGBT stuff is nonsense today, although it was disastrous for this great man.
For a very good write-up on this giant I suggest:

And yes, I'm typing this on a Turing machine!

Dearly wish to sign the petition.

3:50 AM  
Blogger roeland said...

Some coverage in Dutch newspaper "de Volkskrant" today:


4:14 PM  
Blogger roeland said...

The Dutch newspaper "de Volkskrant" has also covered your petition.


4:18 PM  
Blogger clare said...


8:17 PM  
Blogger Awfabee said...

We should certainly recognize Alan Turing for his contributions. We should BY NO MEANS single him out for an official apology. Are only the cleverest persecuted homosexuals worthy of this consideration? Were the rest too stupid or unvalued? It is sadly ironic, and a perverse form of modern-day prejudice, to single out and favor one specific victim of bigotry over all others. If a pardon is due it is due them all.

3:31 AM  
Blogger shrike71 said...

Congratulations John! Looks like our hero got the recognition he deserved!

6:47 AM  
Blogger Magnus said...

Many congratulations and thank you for your work (as one of your signatories). Fantastic and inspiring news that the apology has been given.

9:12 AM  
Blogger MandyH said...

Fantastic work John - thank you for starting this.

9:16 AM  

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