Tuesday, September 01, 2009

An email from MI5

So I started the Alan Turing petition and I wrote to Her Majesty The Queen asking her to consider a posthumous knighthood for the man. But you didn't know that I also wrote to the Security Service (MI5) asking them to release whatever they could about the death of Alan Turing.

Here's my email:

I have been leading a campaign to get the British Government to apologize for the prosecution of Alan Turing. This campaign takes the form of a petition on the Number 10 web site (you can see if here: http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/turing/).

Personally, I believe that Turing's death was suicide, but there are rumours about him possibly having been killed because he 'knew too much'. I find these rumours silly, but would the Security Service be willing to release whatever files it has on Alan Turing so that any information you have be made public?

It is now 55 years since Turing died, and I assume that most of what you know about him can be made public without affecting operational security.

Thank you,

Today, I received an email reply:

Dear John

Thank you for your enquiry.

All of the historical information that we can currently release is either available on our website, www.mi5.gov.uk or is held by the National Archives www.nationalarchives.gov.uk.

You can learn more about this history of the Security Service at the National Archives at www.mi5.gov.uk/output/the-security-service-at-the-national-archives.html.


The Enquiries Team
The Security Service

So, first I popped over to the Security Service web site and did a search for "alan turing":

Hmm. No dice. So, it's off to the National Archives and the same search:

So, that was a complicated way of saying "No".



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