Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm hiring in Central London

My stealth start-up is looking for a very experienced JavaScript developer to work on our open source code base that has a potentially very significant industry impact. You'll be joining a team of two working on cutting edge JavaScript code designed to change the way the way online optimization software tools are deployed. You'll need to be very familiar with jQuery, YUI and other JavaScript technologies. You'll need to think that testing your code is vital. You'll write small, fast, clear, maintainable code.

The company is funded by a top-tier West Coast VC, is very well positioned in the space and has influential contacts. But the successful candidate's professional JavaScript skills, credibility in communications, energy, and ability to influence, will collectively all be critical to the success of this industry initiative.

Critically, you'll also be a good communicator. This role combines both hands-on development with evangelism. You should be comfortable blogging, answering developer questions on a mailing list, standing up at a conference and giving a presentation, and attending high-level customer meetings.

You'll have experience with one or more web analytics tools and be interested in keeping an eye on the market for online marketing and user experience software tools. Perhaps you'll also have worked for an online advertising service, or other company that needs to instrument web sites with JavaScript.

You'll be familiar with Flash and interested in learning about other technologies like AIR and Silverlight.

Ideally you'll have a bachelors degree in computer science (or something similar) and five years of real programming experience.

First test is to figure out how to contact me.



Blogger tzink said...

> First test is to figure out how
> to contact me.

Heh, I laughed out loud when I read that. Very clever.

3:36 PM  

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