Monday, March 01, 2010

The reason I managed to find errors in the Met Office data and code

It turns out the reason is rather simple. In the evidence being given today to the Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee the Met Office says of their quality control procedures:

Manual inspection, including real-time quality control using GIS software; quality control described in literature for the various regional studies.

Contrast that with what they say about NOAA's procedures for the same sort of data:

A long series of automatic quality control tests based on both statistics and physics (e.g., outlier tests, identical values two months in row, etc.)

Given the amount of data it's unsurprising that 'manual inspection' isn't enough.

Update There's a lovely bit of evidence from Professor Darrel Ince about software quality that I wholeheartedly agree with.



Blogger Mark said...

Steve Easterbrook has taken issue with Darrel Ince on several of the points he made here

1:57 AM  

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